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An Experience like a Giving Live Touches..

Tour Program

We pick up the guests from their hotels per hours in a day. Our serving time is from 9am, until 7 pm. When you arrive Turkish bath, you will enter a mud bath. You will spend about 15 minutes in this area. You will have a cold shower when you leave mud bath. Next step is Sauna. You should stay about 10-15 minutes in sauna. And then you will visit Salt cave and you will stay about 10 minutes. Next part is Steam Bath and our guests will stay here about 10 minutes. When the guests are ready for peeling-foam massage our staff will serve you about 20 minutes for each guests. The guests will be reborn by this massage cause the dead skin has gone and their bones will be remove during they lie on hot floor. And the guests need a relax time. Our staff makes face mask while the guests are relaxing. After relax time the guests will be massaged by our professional masseur or masseuse. This massage is classical body massage and it takes about 20 minutes for each guests. If the guest wants to give extra time for massage, the guest should pay extra money. When the program is finished, we will drop off the guests to the hotels.


  • Mud bath
  • Sauna
  • Salt Cave
  • Steam Bath
  • Peeling and Foam massage 20min.
  • Classical body massage 20min.
  • Insurance
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off only in Side Antalya


  • Extra Time Massages
  • Drinks
  • Face Mask
  • The guests should bring their bikini and mayo by themselves.