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Istanbul has multi-faceted aspects of itself hidden layers. Unless you explore everything the city has to offer, you are most likely missing out on half of its charm. That is where our Istanbul Black Sea tour comes in. going so close to the seashore and then not visiting it can be tantalizing. Thus, in order to cater to all your needs, the Istanbul Black Sea tour was designed specifically to give you the maximum worth for the money you spend in the least amount of time.


The Istanbul Black Sea tour starts with a pickup from your hotel at the morning 09:00 hours. Rest assured, the day that you will be spending with us is going to be memorable. The tour starts with a visit to the Polonezköy village. You would have a short stay there, enough so that you get time to soak up in the history the place offers. After that, the visitors are taken to A?va, a small village where you are provided with a boat trip over the Black Sea. Lunch is served while you are on the water so that you can listen to stories about Istanbul while on the boat itself. Finally, the Istanbul Black Sea tour concludes with a ride back to your hotel at the conclusion of the whole thing.


The Black Sea has captured the hearts of romantics for over a millennia. As such, it is not too farfetched to say that this is a beautiful cruise tour intended to capture your heart. Some of the highlights of the to Istanbul Black Sea tour include

  • Visit to the Polonezköy village
  • Boat ride over the Black Sea
  • A visit to the traditional A?va village
  • Lunch on the water
  • Rides to and from the hotel


We have planned the Istanbul Black Sea tour with only one thing in mind: your exposure to a city that is richly steeped in history. As such, all of the spots in the tour along with the route was planned so that you can go through the sites of historical importance.


This small village, also known as Adampol, was founded in 1842 as a part of helping with the Polish immigrations. The place started initially with as low as 12 people, but has, over time went on to have a current population of 1000 people, several of them fluent in Polish. Here, you can see the beautiful ties that Istanbul maintains with other nations in the world as a part of the Istanbul Black Sea tour. In fact, stepping into the village feels like you have been transported back in time to another era when Istanbul was still being formed and consisted of people from different races and backgrounds coming together to live at a famous place. Besides the local church and the famous Polish cemetery which houses graves of a lot of famous people, the Polonezköy village also hosts an annual summer festival celebrating the tie between Istanbul and Poland, of whom notable names include the famous poet Nazim Hikmet.


The A?va village is one of the most idyllic spots in all of Turkey. In fact, to call it picture perfect is most apt. The Istanbul Black Sea tour included this spot precisely because of this reason. Another is the fact that it is the aptest location for the start of the boat ride. Situated between Göksu River in the west and Ye?ilçay River in the east, even the term A?va means “between the rivers”. The village of A?va has strong ties to ancient Turkey and was a part of ancient Bythinia at one point of time. The place gained prominence in recent years due to its picturesque location and is now frequented by tourists all year long. The place is also famous for its weaving of ?ile cloth, a famous Turkish product.


The boat trip around A?va is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable water trips of your life. The place is renowned for its beautiful forests along the sides and includes many tourist attractions. It even has strong ties to ancient Turkey and currently hosts the Ye?ilçay water plant, a major urban water distribution plant of Turkey. The place was chosen to be a part of the Istanbul Black Sea tour to let the visitors know how beautiful Istanbul can be both on water as well as on the shore. You will also be treated to a sumptuous fare of lunch while on the cruise as a part of the tour.


As everything beautiful comes to an end, this concludes our trip at 1900 hours. At the end of this, you will be transported via rides back to your hotel at the end of the day. Turkish hospitality is renowned around the world and in our Istanbul Black Sea tour, we have tried to uphold it as much as possible by incorporating wonders from Istanbul as well as providing you the best value for money. Besides authentic historical places of beauty and wonder, you are also treated with authentic Turkish food all throughout.

However, this is not the real end. More wonderful tour packages are available at our website. Simply visit and have a look. We are sure that you will like them just as much as we like having you. All our tours were designed with only the convenience of the visitors in mind. Be assured that we will spare no effort to make sure that you have the best time in the world.