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Gear yourself up to unveil the ancient Greek mythology along with the history of the Trojan War during the troy tour from Istanbul. You will be learning about the famous site of Troy and replica statue of the Trojan horse during the walking tour. Also, investigate the interesting era of Troy and discover how this settlement changed over the period of time. Last but not the least; you will enjoy visiting the small coastal town of Eceabatfor lunch.


  • Enjoy the day trip from Istanbul via luxury coach
  • Entice your taste buds with seafood lunch at coastal town of Eceabat
  • Experience the ferry traveling from Eceabat to Canakkale
  • Also, we will visit the UNESCO-listed site of the Troy
  • Take a walking tour around Troy with our professional guide and hear from him the tales of the Trojan War
  • Last but not the least, visit the wooden Trojan Horse statue before your journey back to Istanbul


In the morning you will meet our representative at your Istanbul hotel sharp at 06:00 a.m. for your day Troy tour from Istanbul towards Eceabat. We will hop into an air-conditioned minivan for our journey. On our way, we will enjoy breakfast at 09:00 a.m. We will reach Eceabat at 12 in the noon. Not only this, but our Troy tour includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, a fully guided tour, entrance fee to the ancient site of Troy and last but not the least ferry fares. We will be visiting the following places during our tour, the Trojan Horse, Sacrificial Altars, the 3700 year old city walls, Houses of Troy I, 3000 B.C.-2500 B.C., the Bouluterium (the senate building), the Odeon (the concert hall), current excavations that are in progress we will end out Troy tour by visiting the remains of the various cities from Troy I through to Troy IX. Let us talk about these places briefly one after the other:


Troy enjoys a history of almost 4,000 years and it is one of the most famous and attractive places in archeological sites in the world and one of top ten places to be visited in Turkey. It has the extensive remains that are the most significant demonstration of the first contact between the civilizations of the Mediterranean and Anatolia. Enjoy a walking tour of an hour and explore this archeological site in a detailed manner. It is said that Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse and hid selected men force inside it. The Trojans pulled in the horse into their city as a symbol of victory trophy. That night the Greek men crept out from the horse and opened the gates for the rest of their army and thus the Greeks entered the city and destroyed it and ended the war decisively.


It is the site of a heroic siege in Homer’s Iliad, Troy. It was excavated by Heinrich Schliemann back in 1870. He discovered these civilizations that were as old as 5,000. This included the Roman architecture which was best preserved here. The site has a very limited number of explanatory materials and this is why our guide will explain the history to you and you will enjoy it at its best.


These walls are among the well-known, centuries-old city walls standing out with their effective construction and surroundings. The walls extend for 22 kilometers and stretch from the Marmara Sea to the Golden Horn. In the beginning, these walls were used to strengthen the defense mechanism in order to prevent the attacks of other countries. The Troy tour will facilitate you in exploring these walls.

HOUSES OF TROY I, 3000 B.C. – 2500 B.C.

There are ten levels that make up the Troy I excavation and have revealed that there was a settlement of large and long houses on the rocky hills almost 5000 years ago. While on the Troy tour you will be walking through these houses as well.


Bouleuterion means assembly house, council house, and senate house. It was the ancient Greek building that housed council of citizens of a democratic city. The representatives used to assemble here and used to discuss and decide about the public affairs. Roam around and our guide will explain the history to you in a joyful manner.


Odeon is situated at the former agora, which is a small musical theater for the purpose of musical performances. Odeon has a semi-circular orchestra. There are wedge-shaped blocks divided into the seating rows. Our Troy tour from Istanbul is a tour to explore the ruins of the ancient Troy.

Current excavations in progress:

You will also enjoy seeing the current excavations that are currently under process during our Troy tour. It will be a chance for you to see how digging is carried out in a way where the landmarks are preserved and presented to the common people after such a hard work.   


With our Troy tour, you will be in a position to see all the remains of the cities of Troy in a detailed manner. Our professional guide will not let you lose interest in the details even for fractions of seconds.

With this we will come back from the Troy tour at 17:30 p.m. and will hop into the air conditioned minibus to depart for Istanbul at 18:00 p.m. We will arrive at your Istanbul hotel around 23:00 p.m. In case you will want to stay, we can arrange a local bus to Selcuk/Izmir/Kusadasi. You will never forget the Troy tour from Istanbul rather you will find yourself roaming around the place in your imaginations. Excavations in progress might attract you to visit the place again. For more one day tours at a reasonable price range, you should explore our website.