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Marmaris is a touristic place in south of Turkey. It is located in Mu?la. Marmaris has seaside to Mediterranean Sea. It is clear and there are so many beaches. Sun shines during the almost whole year. In summer, tourists always comes here. Marine and fishing are improved much. There are many fish restaurants that are famous around both the city and the country. Also Marmaris is a historical place. There are many residuals that comes from old civilizations, cultures and religions. For example, there are many churches, mosques and castles. If you want, you may observe these evidence in the Museum of Marmaris.  Moreover, there is a harbor that is huge. Therefore, trade is improved.


Marmaris Castle: It is one of the symbolic structures of Marmaris, made by the Ionians, where you can watch the panoramic view of Marmaris. It is known that Marmaris Castle, which has witnessed the history of Marmaris, was built by Ions in 1044 BC. You can visit Marmaris Castle night and day with its magnificent location where you can watch the whole Marmaris View. Marmaris Museum is also located in the castle. Ta?han and Kemerli Köprü can be visited by history lovers, and you will have the chance to see Phskos, Loryma, Amos, Cedrae, Hydas, Erine, Castabus, Saranda and Bybassios, which are important harbor towns in ancient times. We recommend you to put this place in the top of the list of places to visit in Marmaris.

Museum of Marmaris: You should definitely see this museum in which works of Hellenism, Roman and Byzantine period in Marmaris are displayed. Marmaris Museum is located in Marmaris Castle, just behind Marmaris Yacht harbour. The Marmaris Museum, which you can visit day and night, is located in a place that dominates Marmaris.

Phosphorous Cave: Green and turquoise colour reminiscent of the aquarium offers guests a nice swimming opportunity. Although not known like the Phosphorous Cave in Alanya, you should still take Phosphorous Cave, a frequented place of Marmaris cruise boats, to the places to see list of Marmaris Turkey.

Gunnucek National Park: Gunnucek is located in the forest of Liquidambar Orientalis, which is rarely seen in the world. It is located on the way of Yalanc? Bogaz and 1 km from Marmaris. Gonnucek National Park, which has a different beauty every month of the year, fascinates its visitors. We recommend you add it to the list of places to visit in Marmaris Turkey.

1 Day –

We will take you to the Atatürk Airport from your Hotels if you will be in ?stanbul. At the same time if you will go Marmaris from your country direct you must asked for the price again. We will gona give you two way plane tickets from ?stanbul to Marmris (Dalaman) for two person are included. When you go Marmaris from your Hotel to Airport you have a transportation for two ways again. We will go from airport to four star hotel which is All iclusive (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drink

Day 3. Day

There’s only so much you can do on one holiday in Marmaris like; you can see Marmaris Castle, Museum of Marmaris, Phosphorous Cave, Gunnucek National Park, Cennet (Paradise) Island, Marmaris – Icmeler, Ciftlik Bay:  Farm Cove which welcomes Marmaris holiday-makers with its wonderful view is the best example of the natural beauties of Marmaris Turkey. Like Patara Beach, Blue Lagoon Beach and Iztuzu Beach, it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Turkey. Especially yachters preferred this cove with its large sandy beaches and arbour restaurants. It is a frequent spot for the Jeep safari-makers. You can join the day trips on Marmaris and enjoy the region.

4 Day –

You have a Transfer from the hotel to the Dalaman Airport. Plane goes to Dalaman Airport to ?stanbul Atatürk Airport and two persons plane tickets are included in the prices. ( Hotel Accommodtion, 3 times transfer and plane tickets are included in the prices.)