Duration: 20 Şub 2018 - 01 May 2018
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?zmir is known as the pearl of Aegean region. . It is Turkey’s third largest city and second most important port. Also, it is an important tourism centre in this region. There are lots of wonderful places to visit and if you want to have fun time, ?zmir is the best province for you.
The people are very warmblooded and they are famous with their hospitality. Also, they are friendly and helpful. In adicition, the girls have become famous with their beauty.

1. Day

We will take you to the Atatürk Airport from your Hotels. At the same time if you will go ?zmir from your country direct you must asked for the price again. We will gona give you two way plane tickets to ?zmir for two persons are included. When you go ?zmir from Atatürk Airport you have a transportation for two ways again.

2. Day (Daily ?zmir Tur)

We will take you from Hotels at 09:30 and finish 17:30 at night. Lunch included inside. Although it is not development city in Turkey. ?zmir is in the west Turkey and it is popular with tourists. First of all,  visitors to ?zmir can find many things. ?zmir is historical, touristic and modern city so visitors can make many things. The summers are hot and the winters are warm. An elevator from 19th century. It is 51 metres in height. It links Mithat Pa?a street to the Halil R?fat Pa?a street. It was built in 1907 and restored by the municipality in 1993. On the upper side, there is an open-air cafe and a restaurant that offers you a delicous meal with a breathtaking view of ?zmir and the bay. Clock tower is another symbol of ?zmir and it was build in Konak Meydan in 1901. It is heart of the city and it can be said to be a meeting place for many people. 25 M HIGHT.

3. Day (Daily Ephesus Tour)

Ephesus (Ancient Greek , Ephesos; Turkish Efes) was an ancient Greek city, and later a major Roman city, on the west coast of Asia Minor, near present-day Selçuk, Izmir Province, Turkey. It was one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League during the Classical Greek era. In the Roman period, Ephesus had a population of more than 250,000 in the 1st century BC, which also made it one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean world.
The city was famed for the Temple of Artemis (completed around 550 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The temple was destroyed in 401 AD by a mobled by St. John Chrysostom. Emperor Constantine I rebuilt much of the city and erected new public baths. The town was again partially destroyed by an earthquake in 614 AD. The city’s importance as a commercial center declined as the harbor was slowly silted up by the Cayster River (Küçük Menderes).
Ephesus was one of the seven churches of Asia that are cited in the Book of Revelation. The Gospel of John may have been written here. The city was the site of several 5th century Christian Councils, see Council of Ephesus. It is also the site of a large gladiators’ graveyard.
Today’s archaeological site lies 3 kilometers southwest of the town of Selçuk, in the Selçuk district of ?zmir Province, Turkey.

We are starting to the tour at 08:00 o`clock in the morning and finished 17:30 in the evenings. We are collecting you from your Hotels and at the end of tour we will take you back to your hotel again. Also lunch included in the tour for 2 pax.

4. Day

You have a Transfer from the hotel to the ?zmir Airport. Plane goes to ?zmir Airport to ?stanbul Atatürk Airport are included.