Location: Trabzon
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If you like to enjoy the natural beauty more than the historical and man-made things, we have the ultimate package for you. Come with us on a day tour to the phenomenally beautiful city of Trabzon. When talking about the natural beauty Turkey has got from the Mother Nature, Trabzon is top of the list. Situated in the Northeastern part of Turkey on the bank of the Coast of the Black city, this city is nothing less than the iconic scenery of Switzerland. This city is also blessed with some man-made monuments as it was considered to be one of the most important links joining the Turkish territory to the Persian. During the Medieval times, this region was an important trade route for the silk, linen and condiment merchants. As of now this area is one of the chief tourist attraction spots in Turkey.

Come with us on sumela monastery tour, and enjoy the natural beauty and soothing scenery away from the hustle bustle of crowded city centers. This is one of the very few Trabzon tours really showing you the beauty of the area and the traditions of the local natives.

Visit the beautiful and stunning Sumela Monastery situated in the middle of lush green mountains
Traditional local foods in the local environment
Praise the amazing natural scenery as you travel from Trabzon to Sumela
Visit the local site-seeing points in the way to Sumela
The tour from Trabzon to Sumela will start at 9:30 in the morning and will continue till 5:30 in the evening. The lunch is included in the package. During the course of these 8 hours the tour will take you to the following places/activities

Opened in 386 AD, this Monastery is an ancient Greek Monastery dedicated to the Virgin Marry. It is situated in the Pontic Mountain Range on the Mountain called the Mela Mountain. The whole area is surrounded by lush green vegetation and small waterfalls and streams.

Not only the Monastery but also all the area surrounding is something worth seeing. The area is nothing less than the green fields of Switzerland and Scotland. The whole area shows a mesmerizing combination of green vegetation, black mountains and silvery streams and water channels passing through them. The whole city of Trabzon can also be seen from near the Monastery which is really an amazing sight.

It is must to save the memorable moments of your life with the eye of a camera on sumela monastery tour. Keeping this thing in mind, we have dedicated special time for this important thing. The Sumela waterfalls feature a really captivating sight and the moments you spend here will be carefully preserved by a digital eye.

Food is one of the most important aspects of our life or you can say it is the most important aspects of our lives. The Zigana restaurant is famous for its purely traditional Turkish foods. The food is served in the traditional environment so that you can feel you are really in Turkey.

Gaining international importance and recognition after the study conducted by geological engineer Sukru Eroz in 1980’s, the caves are one of Turkey’s iconic tourist spots. The caves form a network extending into the mounts of the area quite long and wide. The day tour from Trabzon to Sumela includes a tour to these caves too. The sumela monastery tour will take you into the caves with a seasoned guide for your safety and guidance.

Last but not the least, this amazingly memorable sumela monastery tour will end with the delicious sweet offered by the Hamiskoy Hotel. Made with Rice and milk, this sweet is really something worth trying and do not worry, it’s on the house for you.