Location: Anatolian
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Enjoy traveling to Pamukkale, i.e. a unique site of Turkey; on a Pamukkale tour from Izmir. During the tour take pleasure in seeing the unreal landscapes that have been created by Calcium rich water. Also enjoy visiting the ruins at Hierapolis. On your way you will be in a position to enjoy the scenic drive through the country villages and forests on the way. Our local English speaking tour guide will escort you all through your Pamukkale tour from Izmir and you will be traveling via air-conditioned coach. Not only this but you will also be enjoying having lunch during the tour and will entice your taste buds with local cuisines. You will be adding beautiful memories for the rest of your life with this tour.

You will be amusing yourself with the scenic country villages and forests on your journey to Pamukkale tour from Izmir
See the great theatre there, the Romans bath, and last but not the least the tomb of St. Philip
Look at the spectacular landscapes of mineral forests, terraced basins that have been created by the calcium-rich water, and petrified waterfalls
We will be enjoying lunch at a local place during the Pamukkale tour from Izmir
Get yourself engaged in Pamukkale and Hierapolis tour from Izmir and enjoy seeing the ruins of Greco-Roman settlement at the Hierapolis along with the extraordinary natural formation that is known as Cotton Castle. Our representative will be picking you up from your hotel and we will set off for our Pamukkale tour.

The kings of Pergamon established the thermal spa of the Hierapolis. It has been registered as natural and cultural heritage listed by UNESCO.  This is an open air museum and during your Pamukkale and Hierapolis tour from Izmir, you will come cross a massive ancient graveyard with over 1,200 tombs. Most of these have a size of a small house.  The alien-seeming landscape is because of the calcite-laden water. This water flows from the springs in a cliff rising 200 meters over the plain. You will see the formations resembling the waterfalls and forests along with the series of terraced basins.

So while on your Pamukkale and Hierapolis tour from Izmir you will reach Pamukkale and will witness the ancient city of Hierapolis; see the ruins of Greco-Roman. This includes the great Roman theatre, the Roman Baths, and last but not the least the temple to Apollo etc.

During the Pamukkale tour from Izmir, we will be visiting the Roam Theatre. It is located in the middle of the Hierapolis and it is one of the most well preserved of many ancient buildings. It had the capacity to accommodate 8500 to 10,000 spectators. It was divided into two parts i.e. upper and lower parts of the seat by a diazoma. People used to arrange religious ceremonies, concerts, and competitions in this theatre.

The Roman Baths were built back in 3rd century. Its construction was done by the classical architectural features having large stone blocks. When Christianity was accepted by most of the people in Hierapolis in 4th century, these Roman Baths were converted into a church. Walls were covered with marble slabs while the pedestals were carved by the Christianity symbols like crosses.

Apollo was known to be the most important God for the local people. In front of the theatre, this was the honorary temple built for him. It is because of the excavated rock mass at the back of the temple that it was assumed that there were large steps to reach the temple of Apollo. Doric style marbles were used for the temple because of having the higher quality as compared to the main street columns.