Location: Egean Sea
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With Bodrum boat trip you will be spending a day at sea. We will be visiting a number of beautiful bays where you will be allowed to swim in the crystal clear water. You may even simply relax in the mild breeze, perfect your suntan to the sound of the waves lapping gently, and enjoy the stunning views around. Being at the Black Island that is half an hour from Bodrum if you will feel like you can bath in the grotto where the mineral waters flow out of the rocks that are considered to beautify the complexion. This day will allow you to enjoy a fun day out feeling like a millionaire.


  • The Bodrum boat trip includes the swimming during the trip
  • Sightseeing and snorkeling will offer you extreme fun in every manner
  • You will also be visiting Black island and Aquarium Bay that will add to the overall fun element of the trip
  • We will also be enjoying lunch together
  • You might feel free to enjoy the local drinks on the boat. It is because the boat will be adorned with a well-stocked bar
  • Sun beds will enable you to enjoy sun bathing at its best in every manner during your Bodrum boat trip


Bodrum boat trip is the day which can only be spoiled by the snow. Otherwise, it will be a tour that would be fun filled, offering sun bathing, snorkeling, lovely sceneries, and plenty of swimming. Our representative will pick you for a 6 hours Bodrum boat trip. We will be there to pick you up between 10:30 to 10:45 a.m. You must bring along certain things like towels, swimsuits, sun creams, goggles, and snorkel. The price of the Bodrum boat trip includes pickup, drop back services, soft drinks, lunch, wine, beer, tea, coffee, beer etc. Our professional and expert local guide will add to your fun related activities all day long.

We will be enjoying seeing sights as follows:


Camel beach is one of the nicest sandy beaches. It is great for swimming. It is at the southern end of the Kargi bay. It offers stretches of white sand. Its waters are electric blue and clear that makes this beach the perfect snorkel spot during Bodrum boat trip.


It is known to be the savior of the Bodrum. Black Island works as a gigantic breakwater and hence this island is considered to protect Bodrum from dangerous storms and massive waves. You will be enjoying visiting this island during your Bodrum boat trip.


Aquarium bay is an enticing area between Gumbet and Bitez. It is primarily visited by day boats from all the nearby harbors. The area attracts lots of fish and this is why it has the name aquarium bay. But continuous arrival and departure of the boat traffic have scared most of these fishes. The water here is glorious for swimming and crystal clear aqua marine. During our Bodrum boat trip, we will be visiting this exciting place as well. Take the trip to this bay and enjoy feeding the fish and snorkeling in the shiny days. 

Throughout the trip, you will be enjoying drinks and other snacks that are included in the price of the Bodrum boat trip. Do not forget to bring along your camera to capture the moments for the rest of your lives. Take the pictures of the clear waters and you being on the boat. It will be a fun-filled, an adventurous trip for you in every manner. Around 17:00 to 17:30 p.m. we will journey back to your hotel. In order to get hold of more of such tours like Bodrum boat trip, you may visit the following link.