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The Cappadocia green tour will take you to the ancient underground cities to the stunning viewpoints of the southern landscapes of the Cappadocia. You will be enjoying embarking on the scenic walks through the unusual, take in the sweeping views and towering rock formation from your comfortable vehicle. You will be escorted by our expert local guide. You will be in a position to see the impressive sights that make Cappadocia be a known place around the world.

The South Cappadocia tour will allow you to gather historical information from Goreme Panorama and to explore the underground city of Deerinkuyu
Ilhara valley is another spectacular place to be visited during your Cappadocia green tour. We will enjoy having lunch here in the valley and will be having an hour to do so
Nicest conical fairy chimneys will be next in line to be seen i.e. Yaprakhisar followed by the walk through the Selime monastery
Pigeons will welcome you as soon as you will reach the Pigeon valley
The South Cappadocia tour will end with our visit to the onyx factory in Uchisar
We will be picking you from your hotel at 9 a.m. and then our exciting Cappadocia Green Tour begins. We will be following the map to visit several landmarks discussed briefly in the underlined piece of wiring:

The first place to be visited during our South Cappadocia tour will be the view of Goreme. While watching the fairy chimneys here, you will be given detailed information about the history and formation of Cappadocia.

We will arrive at this Derinkuyu underground city after driving around 40 minutes, being the second sight to be visited during our Cappadocia Green tour. This underground city was first time used by the late Romans. They used it as a shelter against the potential Arabian invasions. Afterwards, it was used by the local people as a natural deep freeze. It is known to be the deepest city in the Cappadocia region. We will be spending around an hour here.

Next in line in our Cappadocia Green tour is almost 52km always from the Derinkuyu underground city, i.e. Ihlara valley. We will reach the entrance to the Ihlara valley after almost 45 minutes’ drive. The valley is almost 14 km in length. It was formed by the volcanic actions of Mt. Melendiz and Mt Hasan in the distinct province Aksaray. In the past, Christians came and made churches and dwellings with the wall paintings here. Also, they carved grave rooms in several parts of the valley. We will be hiking around 3 to 5 km in the valley and this hiking will last for almost 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Afterwards, we will be amusing our taste buds with 1-hour lunch during our Cappadocia Green tour in the valley. We will start with the soup and salad followed by one dish that you will be choosing from the main dish list. The lunch will be served with the seasonal fruits. It will be appropriate for the vegetarians.

Nicest conical fairy chimneys will be seen here during your Cappadocia Green tour. The area is pretty much similar to the Star Wars Film Set and hence it is also known as the Star Wars Movie Set.

When you will look at the monastery, you will have a look of a castle but in fact, its chapels, churches, bedrooms, big cathedral, and storage prove it to be a monastery. This is one of the main excitements of the Cappadocia Green tour.

Pigeons have always been important for the people of Cappadocia. Their eggs, as well as droppings, were used for several purposes. Hence the people used to carve houses for them on to the slopes of the valley. This South Cappadocia tour will allow you to see these ancient houses for pigeons.

The Onyx factory will bring our Cappadocia Green tour to an end at around 5 p.m… Onyx is a semi-precious volcanic stone with various colors and has several materials in it. Being a big volcanic area, Cappadocia has deposits. Master in the factory will explain you about the onyx shaping steps and you will see a shaping show too.

Afterwards, you will be dropped back to your hotel. You will not be able to forget the cherishing moments of your Cappadocia Green tour.