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Cappadocia, with its unreal rock formations, cave dwellings and “fairy chimneys” is undeniably one of Turkey’s most captivating, unique and unmissable areas and a perfect destination for a road cycling tour. This bike tour links Cappadocia with the nearby Aladaglar Mountains – a jagged alpine range of limestone peaks surrounded beautiful forests, canyons and waterfalls. Designed to satisfy keen cyclists without being overly demanding, the tour includes some long days but the effort in is more than rewarded. We get the most from our time by using minibus transfers to cut out any unsuitable areas, leaving an itinerary jam packed with highlights and offering first class riding throughout.

The cappadocia bike tour is a true journey of discovery that covers much of this intriguing region. There is much to explore along the way, and beyond the usual scope of stop-learn-take photo you will genuinely be able to explore and discover yourselves. Cappadocia is a land that frees the Indiana Jones inside us all, with history around every corner and an incredible mix of colours and cultures.


The remains of the millions years ago volcanic eruptions, shaped by the wind and rain for thousands of years, have formed one of natures most spectacular masterpieces: Strange rock formations, called: “fairy chimneys”.? Settled throughout time by Hittite, Persian, Romans, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations, many of these caves are still decorated with icons and wall paintings from the early Christian times. Cappadocia is rich with history and filled with natural wonders! Click here for for information on Cappadocia.


For those who love to ride a bike in the area bicycle tours are organized. In this way, Cappadocia’s natural beauty and the joy of being discovered is experienced in both the sport. Guided bicycle tours with experienced guides are available for the various routes. In addition, bicycle races are also held.

Göreme: Walking the streets of this small Anatolian town with glorious splendor until dozens of fairy chimneys to be lured into the town, its history and natural environment of people living center and see one of the rare places on earth where intertwined.

Generally, in Central Anatolia embroidered handmade rugs, carpets and embroidery-like at first glance dozens of stores that sold noteworthy. He is friendly and warm hospitality of the people of Anatolia from the tourists is immediately obvious that a highly satisfied. Goreme valley slopes there are many fairy chimneys. The valley floor, with rich water resources and great vegetation, recreation coveted places. Goreme Valley, the natural structure of many churches carved into the rocks and within their walls with pictures of the area is one of the most interesting places.

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