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It is often said that you do not know a place until you have seen every aspect of it. Our Bosphorus dinner cruise is based on that principle. Calling Istanbul magical is the most apt of descriptions. After all, the city has about 1,500 years of tradition imbued within itself and has withstood countless trials over the centuries. The Istanbul dinner cruise is built on letting the visitors experience this magic that has gathered over the years and accumulated to build the city as unique as it is today.

The Bosphorus dinner cruise is essentially to help our customers appreciate the true beauty of Istanbul. Istanbul has always been a place which is about fun and merriment. How better to help convey this bonding of people rather than with the help of something that emulates a campfire? After all, that is exactly what brought everyone together in long desert filled quiet nights. What followed was a night full of revelry and joy. The Istanbul dinner cruise will make you set sail over the enchanting Bosphorus River while you dine on Turkish delicacies and enjoy traditional Turkish programmes.

We believe that the best way to go about understanding the intricacies of a place is to let yourself immerse in its cultural heritage. One of the biggest cultural heritages of the people of Istanbul is the confluence of the different people from both Europe and Asia. Thus, the Bosphorus dinner cruise is set to let you understand the wide array of beautiful cuisine and the true beauty and warmth of the people of Istanbul. Moreover, another aspect that is covered in the tour is the food. Indeed, it would not be amiss to say that one of the main features of the Istanbul dinner cruise is to let you sample authentic cuisine from Istanbul. After all, you cannot understand the true beauty of a place until you have sampled their food.

The Bosphorus dinner cruise starts with a pickup made from your hotel at 19:45 hours. You will then be transported via air conditioned non-smoking buses to the cruise boat. The boat ride winds its way through the whole of Istanbul at a beautiful pace so that you get to enjoy the smells, sounds and the lights of a city fabled all over the world. The beautiful lapping of the water beneath your feet while you gaze at the stars or enjoy a cultural programme is an unforgettable experience.

No true Istanbul visitor should be kept from the beautiful array of cultural programmes that we are so proud of. Thus, some of our fabled city’s fares are reproduced in our Bosphorus dinner cruise.

Authentic Istanbul and global music with the help of our in house Disc Jockey
A traditional performance of a Turkish dance performed on the sparkling waters of the Bosphorus
Turkish Sufi Dancing with authentic Sufi performances so that you leave with your soul cleansed
Asuk Masuk, a Turkish dual male dance
A sensuous performance of the Turkish belly dance which will leave you mesmerized
Several other dance performances from all around Turkey and the world
Dinner and pickup/drop back to and from hotel included
The meal in the Istanbul dinner cruise is an elaborate fare consisting of both continental food, for the more conservative visitors and true Turkish fare for those who want to immerse themselves in the city’s real cuisine. Dinner starts with appetizers, main course as well as desserts, so that by the time you leave the Bosphorus dinner cruise, you know that you will always remember the time you spent with us. Options in food include freshly grilled sea food, chicken as well as meat balls, authentic Turkish fare like the Turkish delight as well as unlimited soft drinks and local wines and beers. You also get the option to try out our impressive fare of imported drinks if you wish (not included as a part of the tour).

The romance of Istanbul, imbued within its stones for centuries is a thing that cannot be experienced unless you view he city from another angle. Sure, you can go visit the Galata Tower during the day or go to the Hagia Sophia and marvel at its beauty, but the Bosphorus dinner cruise offers something that nothing else can match. The true history of Istanbul is imbued within its cultural arts and the beauty of the Bosphorus at night. Combined with the carefully prepared food that is represented as a part of the Istanbul dinner cruise, you can be sure that it is a tour that should not be missed.

After beautiful shows like Belly Dancing and Turkish Sufi dances, you will be transported via air conditioned buses back to your respective hotels. Rest assured, the 3 hours that you spend as a part of the Bosphorus dinner cruise will be something that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives. Combined with the value for money and great rates, we guarantee an unforgettable experience that will make your stay at Istanbul complete.

The lapping waters of Bosphorus will calm your hearts and is said to heal even the most grievous of wounds like that of the Sultans of the ages past. Let the inner romantic in you come out with our Bosphorus dinner cruise through the meandering wonders of an ancient city. After all, Istanbul is a city that will always keep your heart locked safely away in one of its corners so that you will always yearn to keep coming back for more. The Istanbul dinner cruise helps make this a little more real.