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Antalya Scuba Diving
This is an introductory course for Antalya scuba diving. You will do your first steps under water in pool like conditions. A dive up to 12m depth follows up to discover the beauties of the under water world of Antalya. After successfully finishing this course, you will be able to do dives for one year under the supervision of a Padi professional. The practical applications of this course and the fee can get credited for continuing programs.this is an introductory course for scuba diving. You will do your first steps under water in pool like conditions.

If you didn’t have a diving experience before, you will not below your eyes under the water. In this tour we’ve already taken all the necessary precautions. At first you’ll get a little bit excited when you’ll enter the water but this mustn’t fear you, our diving instructors will also dive with you. It’s an organization that will change your perspective of life. Anyone can join our daily diving tours without any experience.

Only thing you need to do in order to join our diving tour is to trust a bit in yourself. All the necessary equipment and our professional team will accompany you all day. It will be a nice organization for you to discover that there is another world under the sea and to spend a day intertwined with that world. The lunch, equipment, guidance service, diving instructors and insurance is included in our prices.

Additionally in our diving school, cave dive, shipwreck dive and plane wreck dive tours are arranged 7 days a week for the professional divers.
Besides, our diving school arranges a daily diving organization with all-inclusive system in Kemer and Ka? Region at the weekends. The diving tours realized at the weekends take approximately 7 hours. You are taken from your hotel at 9.30 in the morning and you are brought back to your hotel at 18:00 in the evening. When you first reach the boat, you’ll learn all the necessary information and instructions from our professional team. All the necessary safety precautions are taken carefully. All you need to do is to follow the necessary instructions.

At the weekends our following services are free of charge in all our diving tours.
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