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Lake Abant is freshwater lake formed as a result of a great landslide in Turkey’s Bolu city in northwest Anatolia. Abant is about 200 km. away from Istanbul. Abant lake is at an altitude of 1320 m in a distance of 40 km from Bolu city center.

Abant lake surrounded by dense pine forests,Abant lake is fresh water lake is 1320 metres above sea level. Abant is an ideal place for people who want to escape the bustle of the city and the stress of the daily grind.The lake Abant has an area of 1.28 square kilometres and its lowest point is 18 m.

A special fish species only seen in this region,it is Abant trout it is special fish.it is an endemic subspecies brook trout, Salmo trutta abanticus of the lake(Abant Alasi).If you like fishing there is small fee for fishing.In the forests around the lake offer an ideal habitat for deer, and special wildlife.

Black Pine trees, Scots pine trees, oak trees, willow trees, hazelnuts and Strawberry trees are among the tree species which compose the lake’s forests. Abant lake in summer season is really rich for plants life with wild fruit trees, flowers and water lilies.Abant lake